My newest hero (2013)

Dear  Daan, Adriaan and Dominique,

Of course the news about Daan tugs strongly at my heart and it seems to rise to my throat.  But I told myself, this is not about sadness.  It is about hope and courage.  We all have hope and you three have courage.  So no tears from me! Only best wishes and love.  Daan – you are my newest hero!

Adriaan, a couple of the photos on Daan’s site are from yours and Daan’s trip to Los Angeles.  Nandje and I speak of that trip often.  For most of our lives we did not know our Dutch side, but once we met you, were mutually and instantly family.

All my hope, courage and love to you all.  Daan a hug and kiss from me!

Harold Hart Nibbrig

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